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Fabulous new Discount Program!

Fabulous new Discount Program!

Here it is.  Our new discount program.  Other shops will offer you a card that gets punched when you make a purchase.  Usually, for every $250 or $300 dollars that you spend, you get a $20 or $25 gift card (if you’re lucky, it’s $25).  Whether or not you realize this, that’s only a 10% discount on average.  Many times you end up forgetting your card or losing it.  You will spend way more on that discount than you ever imagined.

We’ve come up with a better idea.  Here it is.  Hang on to your hat, because it’s spectacular.  You pay $100 up front.  For that $100, you will receive a yard of fabric each month of your own choosing.  And, you will receive 20% off of fabric every Tuesday and Wednesday of the month for the entire year!!  This is $132 worth of fabric for only $100.  You will also receive a tote bag.  Also, for that $100 you will be entitled to 20% off of fabric every Tuesday and Wednesday of the year, with exclusions outlined below.  Ask for this for Christmas!



This offer cannot be split between parties.  One offer per person.

The $100 start up must be paid in cash or by check.  Start up fee cannot be purchased with gift cards.

You must appear in person to use your discount.  Photo ID may be required.

This is not cumulative or retroactive.  If you do not pick up your yard of fabric per month, you forfeit that month.  You cannot pick up ahead of time for “future” months.  You must be present each month to pick up your yard of fabric.  I want to see your smiling face each month!

Monthly includes 100% 44 inch cotton sheeting.

Tuesday and Wednesday discounts include 44 inch 100% cotton sheeting fabric.  (not minky or silk).

Under certain individual circumstances I may mail fabric to the recipient.

It’s a win-win situation!  The fabric per month is already a savings, but combined with the discount that you receive every Tuesday and Wednesday, you can’t lose!