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3 1/2, 4 1/2, and 5 1/2 Inch Block Template System

This page is dedicated to my Template Block System.  If you haven’t heard, I have developed a book and templates for the “real” scrap quilter.  Every book on the market today teaches quilters and sewists to make scrap quilts using precuts such as 2 1/2 inch strips or 5 or 10 inch squares.  They also teach you how to use things like new fat quarters.  To me, these are not scraps.

Here are pictures of the quilts I have made using my template system that allows you to make quilts out of “real scraps”.

Because they are acrylic, they can be positioned in any spot on any scrap.  Come in to the Bungalow and check it out!  Ask for a demo in the shop or at your next quilt retreat or guild meeting.

A note about House Block: With the house block quilt, you need to be very careful to use a full quarter inch seam.  Some of the other quilts are scant quarters, but not this one.  When adding the 3 1/2 inch half square triangles to the roof, you need to line up the points that are at the base of the roof.  When laying the 3 1/2 inch half square on the 4 1/2 inch half square triangle, right sides together, the lower points should line up.  Stitch a full 1/4 inch seam when joining the 3 1/2 inch half square triangle to the 4 1/2 inch half square triangle.  If you still have trouble, trim it even with the 5 1/2 inch square when finished.

Book 2: