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  1. We have a New Baby! A Sweet 16 Machine!

    July 16, 2014 by jgauthier

    IMG_1696 (480x640)Here’s Sally at the Sweet 16.  You can call her at the Milwaukee Bungalow to rent this by the hour.  414-585-9995.  She will set you up so that you can quilt your own quilt.  Save money so that you can spend more on fabric!

  2. Milwaukee Modern Quilt Club

    July 16, 2014 by jgauthier

    IMG_1362 (478x640)We had a great time at the first meeting of the Milwaukee Modern Quilt Club.  It meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.  Come to the Bungalow Milwaukee for a great time, show and tell, refreshments, block exchanges and more inspiration than you can imagine.  See you there.

  3. Modern Quilt Club

    April 29, 2014 by jgauthier

    Modern Quilt Club meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.  We will talk about modern quilting, have show and tell and have refreshments.  We will have demonstrations and possibly guests to come and speak at our club.  This is a club not a guild, so there are no dues, and it is free and open to anyone with an interest in modern quilting.  The first few months meetings we will talk about how we want the meetings to be structured.  We want all input!

  4. The Great Bee Challenge

    February 16, 2014 by jgauthier

    Here are the rules:

    Your quilt must be lap size.  That means that it must be bigger than a baby quilt but smaller than a twin size.

    You must include the bee from the free pattern that you are given.  You can alter the bee by adding facial features, clothing, glasses, etc. but the shape must be the same, and the entire pattern used.

    You can pick up a free fat 1/8 of fabric to be included in the quilt until March 21st, after which you will not be able to pick it up anymore.

    You can only pick up one piece of free fabric, and minky and silks are excluded.

    Your quilt must be machine quilted.  No tie quilts allowed.

    You must have a name for your quilt, and upon turning it in, you must have an explanation for your quilt theme.

    Quilt must be done and turned in to Bungalow Quilting and Yarn by September 21st.

  5. Fabulous new Discount Program!

    December 3, 2013 by jgauthier

    Here it is.  Our new discount program.  Other shops will offer you a card that gets punched when you make a purchase.  Usually, for every $250 or $300 dollars that you spend, you get a $20 or $25 gift card (if you’re lucky, it’s $25).  Whether or not you realize this, that’s only a 10% discount on average.  Many times you end up forgetting your card or losing it.  You will spend way more on that discount than you ever imagined.

    We’ve come up with a better idea.  Here it is.  Hang on to your hat, because it’s spectacular.  You pay $100 up front.  For that $100, you will receive a yard of fabric each month of your own choosing.  And, you will receive 20% off of fabric every Tuesday and Wednesday of the month for the entire year!!  This is $132 worth of fabric for only $100.  You will also receive a tote bag.  Also, for that $100 you will be entitled to 20% off of fabric every Tuesday and Wednesday of the year, with exclusions outlined below.  Ask for this for Christmas!



    This offer cannot be split between parties.  One offer per person.

    The $100 start up must be paid in cash or by check.  Start up fee cannot be purchased with gift cards.

    You must appear in person to use your discount.  Photo ID may be required.

    This is not cumulative or retroactive.  If you do not pick up your yard of fabric per month, you forfeit that month.  You cannot pick up ahead of time for “future” months.  You must be present each month to pick up your yard of fabric.  I want to see your smiling face each month!

    Monthly includes 100% 44 inch cotton sheeting.

    Tuesday and Wednesday discounts include 44 inch 100% cotton sheeting fabric.  (not minky or silk).

    Under certain individual circumstances I may mail fabric to the recipient.

    It’s a win-win situation!  The fabric per month is already a savings, but combined with the discount that you receive every Tuesday and Wednesday, you can’t lose!

  6. New Long Arm Quilter in Town!

    September 11, 2013 by jgauthier

    !cid_9914413b-3b68-4393-ac48-4614f4f5f990@icloudNew Long arm quilter in town!  John Wild of Ripon’s Holly and Ivy is now doing long arm quilting.  He has done quilting for me.  Not just a little, but a lot and he’s doing a fabulous job.  It’s like he was doing a great job right out of the gate.  He’s up and ready to go and can take your quilt.  The price is very reasonable, and you are sure to be impressed.  And, he’s a Marine home from the front.  All the more reason to stop in and support our troops who have come home.  Check it out!

  7. Our New Room!

    May 26, 2013 by jgauthier

    Our new room is almost done. We only need the finishing touches. When this room is done, watch for lots of new events and social opportunities. There will be many new workshops and we will teach techniques over the lunch hours so that people can attend on their lunch break. I can’t wait.

  8. Return Policy

    April 13, 2013 by jgauthier

    cartoon20dog20and20cat20cropped20and20lightened_sig_mediumEffective immediately:  Bungalow Quilting and Yarn will no longer accept returns or exchanges of yarn.  Due to the high number of pet allergies, we cannot guarantee that once the yarn has left the Bungalow it was not exposed to dog or cat hair.  Therefore, in order to promise our customers that the yarn they purchase is not a returned item, we are adopting this policy.

  9. Picnic Yarn Shop Hop!

    April 7, 2013 by jgauthier

    This yarn shop hop begins April 26th and goes through April 28th 2013.  It includes the following shops:  Bungalow Quilting and Yarn in Ripon, Wi.  Susan’s Fibers in Columbus, The Knitting Room in Fond du Lac, Main Street Yarn shop in Hartford, Prairie Junction Yarn Shop in Sun Prairie Wi., Oak Street Antiques and Yarn in Baraboo, Wi., and Hook ‘n Needle Yarn Shop in Reedsburg, Wi.

    Prizes are as follows:  First Prize-must have passport stamped and have visited 7 out of 7 to qualify-ball winder and swift

    Second prize:  Must have visited and have passport stamped for 6 of 7 shops is an art yarns shawl kit

    Third prize:  Must have visited and have passport stamped for 5 out of 7 shops-a $50.00 gift certificate to the shop of your choice.

    Bring a picnic lunch and set up on the grounds of whatever shop you are at during lunch time.  Picnic tables will be available.

  10. April Block of the Month

    April 2, 2013 by jgauthier

    IMG_0238Here’s Goldilocks!  She will be bumping into some mischief next month when she meets the 3 bears.  Goldilocks is not difficult although there are quite a few pieces to her.  She looks more complicated than she really is.